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Lucy's Birth Story

 ((((This was first written when she was 5 weeks old, and now she is 5 months old (almost) ))))) It's been about 5 weeks since little Lucy was born into this world, and let me tell you: it's been nothing but a roller coaster since BEFORE she got here. So much has happened, I do feel the need to document it here, so one day if I forget all the details it will be here for her to read. Let's start with a side story, involving my sweet, sweet fur baby Max. I have had Max for 10 years now. 10. years. He is my little tenacious terrier who doesn't listen, loves cheese and popcorn, and has been my sidekick through jobs, boyfriends/husband, living arrangements... he is just the best. I have a feeling that I will be touching more on his story later, but for right now, I can be brief and say: Max started getting sick (vomiting and not eating) when I was about 37 weeks pregnant. We went through a huge amount of diagnostic testing and treatment and I'm sad to say that ther

11 Ways to Calm Colic (from a Mom who knows Firsthand)

Colic. Fussy baby. Crying all the time. Needy baby. Spoiled baby. WHATEVER you want to call it, if you have a baby who is fussy A LOT then you know how hard it is. I, with a 4 month old who has been described as all of the above, am speaking from experience here. It is not fun. But, from what I read anyway, it goes away. Hopefully by the time she is 18 years old. Lord, help me. I actually hate the term "colicky." It doesn't really tell you WHAT the problem is. Just that there is one and that is supposedly goes away. I'm a problem solver. If there is a problem, I want to solve it. (Check out my hook while the DJ revolves it)... Really, from all that I have read and heard, the best "cure" for colic is time - which is the hard part. Because let me tell you, these months have been long and frustrating, and I'm only assuming that there are more months to come. Here are some tips that I have gathered in my desperate search for relief from the colicky baby.

I'm Sorry I Yelled

I never thought I would be that parent . That parent who yelled . Not that I have something against raising my voice, but I never thought I would be a yeller. But I am. And I am sorry. I'm sorry I yelled. I'm sorry I yelled when you fought your diaper changes. I'm sorry I yelled when you wouldn't stop crying. I'm sorry I yelled when you wouldn't go to sleep. I'm sorry I yelled when you made a mess.  I'm sorry I yelled when I couldn't get dinner on the table before you were hungry. I'm sorry I yelled because I had to get to work, and we were running late. I'm sorry I yelled when you couldn't find your shoes.  I'm sorry I yelled when you didn't want to be in your car seat. I'm sorry I yelled when you wouldn't sit in the buggy at the grocery store. I'm sorry I yelled when you whined. Incessantly. I'm sorry I yelled when you came in to "help" when I was getting your little sister t

The Newbie Phase: 5 Things That Got Me Through With a Toddler in Tow

So, I kinda knew I was going to freak out when I had my second daughter. A) I don't deal with any change very well and B) the freak out from having my first daughter just 21 months prior was too fresh on my mind to ignore. I wrote about it ( read it here ); I asked for tons of advice. Come April 2015, I braced myself and experienced the inevitable: complete (but manageable) chaos for basically 4 months straight. Some people have easy kids. That's great! These must be the same people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, never get sick during pregnancy, and have kids that slept through the night when they were 2 days old. Although so thankful for my little cherubs, my kids aren't what I would categorize as "easy." Probably a good thing or I'd want to add more little soldiers to our army. Being the Type A personality that I am, I have always felt the need to be prepared. I did my research and made a list of what I thought that I needed for my