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{Holiday Grub} Texas Caviar

This original Texas Caviar recipe creates a colorful, cold and crunchy side with zesty, fresh flavor. Black-eyed peas, mushrooms, celery, tomato and onion marinate in flavorful Italian dressing, making an easy and popular dish that is sure to become a family favorite. Ok everyone. I should have gotten this up on the blog, like, a week ago, but in order to provide delicious, scrumptious pictures I would have had to make it, and then of course eat it, and that would have (selfishly) ruined it for me for Thanksgiving because I wouldn't be craving it anymore. YES. I seriously plan out my craving vs. eating schedule and weigh it's importance higher than my editorial schedule. I am pregnant, ok? So, there are a lot of impostor Texas Caviar recipes online and on Pinterest that add silly things like mayonnaise, peppers or corn. While all of that is good and well, it needs to stay the HELL out of my Texas Caviar. This recipe is an original, from my wonderful grandmother Maxine, an

An Open Letter To Parents of Small Children

I'm not really quite sure what I want to accomplish by this "open letter," other than to blow off some steam and possibly (read: highly unlikely) change a few people's minds (probably after pissing them off), but let me preface it with the following statement: My blog posts are, in general, not bitchy, judgmental or negative in nature, nor do I like to have those aforementioned adjectives be a part of my life either, so this topic has been brewing for quite some time. And I'm usually quite a nice and polite person. Here's the topic: PARENTS: Stop knowingly bringing your sick and contagious child around mine!!!!!  Now, I'm writing this from the standpoint of a parent of a youngin' but also as a provider (speech therapist) to many MANY young children. I'm also writing this with full acknowledgment that it may be misconstrued as rude, unthoughtful, snotty, and cocky. For that, I will only say that is not my intention, but DAMN.  I feel l

Concerned About Your Kiddo's Speech Development - What You Should (And Shouldn't) Do About It

Exciting news, y'all!! I've been asked to contribute to  CupcakeMag  on my totally "expert opinion" of children, being a mom, and speech therapy things. Of course, I am honored and completely stoked to have this opportunity, because as you may well know, I do like to write about these things! (I'm joking about being an expert - half the time I wonder if I truly know what the heck I'm doing regarding parenting and children at least!)  Click here to read my FIRST blog post about this over at CupcakeMag.  Today marks my first post , about what to do if you are concerned about your child's speech development. Time and time again I have had family members, friends, colleagues, and strangers ask me my opinion on if they should be worried about their kiddo's speech. So, naturally, I wrote a blog post about what to do (and what to refrain from doing) if you are the slightest bit concerned about how your little cherub is progressing in the area of speech!