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Pretty Pretty Pin-Ups

So, let me just say that it was a really amazing experience doing a photo shoot with Pin-Up Photographer Suzie Bell  (the link is to her blog).  It is like waking up on Christmas morning every morning because I get to see if she has posted a new picture from the shoot on Facebook. All of my friends and the fans of Suzie Q's Pin-ups  have been so sweet with their comments. Suzie majorly rocked the house with making all of my ideas become reality. Questions/Comments about the Photo Shoot in No Particular Order: 1. My hair was done by the wonderful Heather Trimble in Cedar Hill at Split Endings Salon. She also did my eye makeup. Love her and it. 2. I now want to dress up really nice, wear things in my hair, curl my hair and wear red lip stick everyday. 3. I want all of my friends to get pin-ups too. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!  4. Talk about a confidence booster. I haven't had many self-loathing negative thoughts lately, and that really says something! 5. I already