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How to be a Pin-Up Model - ACCESSORIES/PROPS

Photo by Suzie Bell As promised, I am continuing my blog series on how to be a pin-up model... and tonight, I get to write about one of my FAVORITE things... ACCESSORIES AND PROPS. This, my ladies (and gents if that's what you're into), has the ability to make or break how your photos come out. In addition to the clothing listed in the last post , accessories and props are things that you might not have lying around your house (but you might) and if not, are easily obtainable at a reasonable price (unless you are jones-ing for a really expensive vintage prop). Before I list the aforementioned objects, let me tell you WHY accessories and props are not only necessary but would be down right detrimental if you did not have at least a little something something going on in this department: - What are you going to do with those fabulous hands of yours? Because I guarantee once you are in front of a camera you will all-at-once forget how to do ANYTHING naturally unless you,

how to be a pin-up model - CLOTHING

In this series of posts, I will cover the basics of becoming a pin-up model... You must realize that in these days, the word "model" conjures up images of waif-like Victoria's Secret models or boyish, lanky ladies wearing strange clothing and a scowl on their face. This is why I LOVE pin-up models... it's about the curves, it's about being feminine, it's about confidence and it's about celebrating who you are. An important piece of this transformation starts with CLOTHING ... Now, depending on your style, you may be surprised to find some of these items already in your closet. Open your closet doors, and take inventory. Take special notice to any of the following: - cardigans (solid colored OR print) - these can totally change a dress or outfit you already have - polka dot anything - animal print anything - stripes (nautical or otherwise) - halter tops or halter dresses - high heels - a-line skirts or dresses - floral print anything - anything w