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65 Inner Thoughts of the SAHM

 Only.... 3 wake ups last night, awesome! Today is going to be a good day. Baby still asleep? Sweet. I'm going to go take a ...... DAMNIT. How does she always know when I am about to either eat, shower or go to sleep? Ok, feed baby, then maybe she'll go back to sleep. Then I'll shower.... or go back to sleep. Why won't she go back to sleep?!!!?!?! GO TO SLEEP. WHY is the bigger kid UP already? What did moms do before video monitors...? Yes, I am so on top of things. Coffee pre-set to brew, toddler's drink already poured and in the refridgerator. I got this. Dog needs to go out, baby needs her reflux medication, Cat is out of water. Toddler wants juice. THERE IS ONLY ONE ME. No one has any freaking patience in this house. Why is the baby crying?? She must hate me. I need to spend more one-on-one time with her. The toddler is definitely misbehaving because she is seeking attention. Ignore bad behavior, ignore bad behavior. Maybe