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how to be a Pin-up Model - HAIR/MAKEUP

MUAH. No, no.... I'm not blowing you kisses. Or creepy laughing. Or misspelling the word "moi." This fun little acronym is what makes the pin-up world go round.... MAKE UP AND HAIR. I would venture to say that if you are going for the pin-up look and don't know where to put your time/money, hair and make up is where you should put it. If you have fabulous victory rolls and cat eyes and you are wearing it with a simple black dress and some pearls- wa la, instant pin-up. Congratulations, and you're welcome. Same outfit, but plain Jane hair, and congratulations, you look like you are going to court or maybe the library. A really nice library. If I say victory rolls, and you think of someone celebrating with summersaults, then let me help you with a little imagery. Photo credits: Suzie Q Pinups/MUA Heather Tremble and CPW Photography/MUA Vivienne Vermuth Now, victory rolls come in all shapes, sizes and directions. The ones in the black&white photo are