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Raising an Independent Child

As a parent, I have a lot of dreams for my kids. Actually these dreams have more to do with the characteristics that I want my children to have, hopefully in part due to my amazing parenting skills. Being a good eater, having manners, respecting adults, excelling at and liking school... these are all things that I think most parents hope for as they are raising their little tots. It's scary to think that the way that we approach these philosophies even when they are 1-2 years old and can't even really talk yet absolutely do have an effect on how our kiddos will act when they are older. I mean.... most of us parents are taking it day by day and just hoping for the best, and that is ok! A couple of days ago, a mom on one of my parenting groups posted a question about how to raise an independent child. Because this parenting group is a good one, she got a plethora of responses... and all of it really got me thinking. What I heard was an echoing chorus of the same memories and st

The Psycho Stages of Pregnancy

1-2 weeks pregnant - This is technically before you are actually pregnant, but unless your pregnancy happens accidentally (well lucky you!), you are definitely thinking about it. Oh yes. Ovulation. Fertile window. Some of us are checking basal temperatures, checking out our bodily fluids, peeing on ovulation sticks. All that good stuff that probably makes our husbands think we are cray-zay. During this time, you are simultaneously forecasting due dates based on several assumed conception dates. If you really got it bad, you are seeing where important pregnancy milestones fall if this is your lucky month! ( Ok, first trimester would be done right around Halloween, so we could totally do one of those cute pumpkin pregnancy announcements, yessssssss! ) 2-3 weeks pregnant - Google and Baby Center become your sick addiction. You are googling things such as "EARLY EARLY signs of pregnancy," or "is peeing while running an early sign of pregnancy?" You are also insa

Last minute DIY Valentine's Gift for Your Husband

So! I am 32.5 weeks preggo and super super into nesting right now. Seriously, I had to think about the pros and cons of posting on the blog versus setting up the pack-n-play in our bedroom. Yes. That's where I'm at. I actually think that I have the nesting to thank for this previously absent motivation to create. You see, when I am pregnant, I turn into this beast. This grumpy beast who doesn't like to be creative, be insanely busy, or pretty much anything other than sleep or think about sleeping. It really does make me sad because I am one of those people typically who LOVE to have about 80 unfinished projects going on simultaneously. I have to admit that this year's Valentine's Day gift is not just for my husband. I have to admit that I have secretly (or not so secretly) hated the decor in about.... 80% of my house for the last 2.5 years. Just haven't been feeling like this house (military housing) is a home. So, in my nesting frenzy, I have spent a lot

5 Items To Upgrade {Guilt Free} With Baby #2

When I was pregnant with my daughter, even after we knew she was a girl, I tried to stick to neutral colors for the major stuff (crib, pack n play, stroller, swings, car seats.... even the bedding) as hard as it was to NOT get pink and purple everything. Knowing how crazy expensive a little tyke can be, I wanted to be able to save as much as possible for baby #2 in the event that he was a boy. Even though I'm due in a couple months with Baby#2, and she is a girl.... I'm glad that we went neutral with the major stuff because we have plenty of girlie items between clothes, toys and room decor. And I'm pumped to be able to reuse so much, because now I'm allowing myself to splurge and upgrade on a couple of baby items this time around that I wanted to be more practical with the first go-around. So, this list is very particular to me, based on my preferences, what's important to me (I think) this go around, and what I learned about having a baby the f