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The Newbie Phase: 5 Things That Got Me Through With a Toddler in Tow

So, I kinda knew I was going to freak out when I had my second daughter. A) I don't deal with any change very well and B) the freak out from having my first daughter just 21 months prior was too fresh on my mind to ignore. I wrote about it (read it here); I asked for tons of advice. Come April 2015, I braced myself and experienced the inevitable: complete (but manageable) chaos for basically 4 months straight.

Some people have easy kids. That's great! These must be the same people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, never get sick during pregnancy, and have kids that slept through the night when they were 2 days old. Although so thankful for my little cherubs, my kids aren't what I would categorize as "easy." Probably a good thing or I'd want to add more little soldiers to our army.

Being the Type A personality that I am, I have always felt the need to be prepared. I did my research and made a list of what I thought that I needed for my transition from 1 ankle biter to 2 ankle biters. While the list still rings true for the most part, I've made a new list of things that got me through the newbie phase with an active toddler in tow.

Disclaimer: These are not paid reviews. Although it may seem so since half the products are made by Fisher Price. I truly love, love, love each and every one of these products. Some of the links provided below are affiliate links, from which I may receive some small compensation to fund my blogging adventures.  


1) Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing (With Smart Swing Technology) Ok. I would totally sell my soul to Fisher-Price in thanks for their invention of the baby swing. I know many other mamas who would agree with me on this. Both of my babies were (are) swing babies. My second daughter was (is) very fussy and especially in the first couple of months, this swing seriously saved my sanity. It got her to SLEEP without being in my arms. Confession: I have TWO in my house, so a swing is always near by. Another confession: when we go out of town, I take one with me. Yes, we are swing-dependent.

2) Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard So, turns out newbies sleep a ton, which I am thankful for with an active 2 year old running around. But we didn't want to be stuck in our house all day while the baby slept, so this play yard was AMAZING for us, so we could go have play dates and take this 15 lb play yard (that comes in a handy bag for easy carrying) with us so I could still nap the newbie on the run. LOVE.

3)  Beco Soleil Baby Carrier & Infant Insert - Gray - Birth and UP Turns out that the ring sling was not for me (or my newbie). We could never get comfortable with it, much to my dismay because I got an awesome one that was highly recommended by my ring sling friends. Good thing my Beco that I inherited from a dear friend in Illinois has an infant insert. I love that this one grows with your baby. I have also heard amazing things about the Tula Ergonomic carrier.

4) Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray This one we didn't become obsessed with until my newbie was more like 4 months old - but once she started liking it, it was a game changer. She loves to stand up and sit up, but being a newbie, she really can't do those things on her own. I would be stuck on the couch or walking around holding her, which I was happy to do as long as I was able to. As soon as she had good enough head control, this little floor seat let her sit in the kitchen while I cooked, in the dining room while I folded clothes or next to the couch while I sat with my older daughter to give her some individual attention.

5) Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat
This play mat isn't exactly like ours, but I love these for several reasons - a) it gives your baby something to look at while you get some stuff done b) you can flip them on their tummies and do tummy time and c) especially as your newborn starts developing their eye sight and hand/eye coordination you can really see their little wheels turning as they start to be able to grasp at the little objects hanging above them.

Obviously the above are actually products that you can go out and buy (or register for if you have giving family and friends), but honorable mentions for getting me through the newbie phase go to: coffee makers with delay brew options, daily phone calls to the bestie and my mom, bubble baths, and lots and lots of wine.


  1. Only the cheapest simplest swing was available when you and Lauren were babies. All this stuff sounds like heaven (and like it takes up a lot of space).

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