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5 Items To Upgrade {Guilt Free} With Baby #2

When I was pregnant with my daughter, even after we knew she was a girl, I tried to stick to neutral colors for the major stuff (crib, pack n play, stroller, swings, car seats.... even the bedding) as hard as it was to NOT get pink and purple everything. Knowing how crazy expensive a little tyke can be, I wanted to be able to save as much as possible for baby #2 in the event that he was a boy.

Even though I'm due in a couple months with Baby#2, and she is a girl.... I'm glad that we went neutral with the major stuff because we have plenty of girlie items between clothes, toys and room decor. And I'm pumped to be able to reuse so much, because now I'm allowing myself to splurge and upgrade on a couple of baby items this time around that I wanted to be more practical with the first go-around.

So, this list is very particular to me, based on my preferences, what's important to me (I think) this go around, and what I learned about having a baby the first time around (which I hope counts for something, EEK!!!!!)... but I'd like to think it resonates with other like-minded mamas who appreciate great quality, organization and pretty things. Who doesn't like those things? No one, THAT'S WHO, so read. I'm kidding. 

- diaper bag {Lily Jade}
With baby #1, I found myself doing one of two things - either taking things OUT of my diaper bag and putting them in my purse so I wouldn't have to carry around both OR I ended up lugging around both my diaper bag and my purse. And a baby. And whatever else the baby required, probably full body winter garb because we currently live in Chicago and it is freezing cold 6 months out of the year. Because this blog post is about lifting up the products that I love and not hating on any that I might not love as much, I won't share with you the brand of my first diaper bag, but it was super cute, you could wear it as a backpack (which I did approximately 2 times), and had what I would call "adequate" storage compartments. I longingly looked at Lily Jade's products on Instagram (@lilyjade) and knew that my husband would probably murder me if I made the purchase. They are a little pricey, with designer diaper bags ranging from $159-$335, but they are having great sales pretty frequently, and they even offer "outlet" bags (that may have minor production errors) at a discounted price at times as well. I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade my diaper bag and chose an "outlet" version of Elizabeth bag (of course the most expensive bag they offer) -- and guess what? I checked that thing from top to bottom, inside and out, and I have yet to discover whatever production error warranted it to not be full price! It has this baby bag compartment that goes inside of it (and can be removed for easy organization AND cleaning purposes), and I can wear this diaper bag and it can also double as my purse without it obviously being a diaper bag.

- double stroller {BOB}
Since I will be a part of the questionably crazy and select-membership-only club of "MOM of TWO under TWO", having a seriously bad ass double stroller is definitely #1 on my list of items that I must have. I don't care if I have to sell my first born to get one, even though I guess that would defeat the purpose of said "double" stroller (I kid, I wouldn't ever sell my first daughter...). Since I will probably not see the inside of a gym for several years after the birth of my second child, I need a stroller that will allow me to take both little cherubs out for a leisurely jog after I have consumed enough coffee to slip on some running pants and find my running shoes.  With baby #1, I didn't have the first clue about what the hell kind of stroller I needed, so I ended up with three single strollers. Yes. Three. I hate myself for wasting that kind of money, but I had the stroller that had the adapter for my car seat, then I had a jogging stroller (which didn't HAVE the adapter for my car seat- rude), and then I had the $20 umbrella stroller that I hate more than life itself because the wheels are always getting stuck. This time, I'm going for the gold! I'm going to sell the stroller that went with my car seat (for a small fraction of what I spent on it, ugh! hate that), and purchase the Bob Duallie, and have it serve as my everyday stroller AND my jogging stroller.

- ring sling {Sakura Bloom}
With my first child, I never had the real need or the agility to wear my baby as much as I will with the second one. I have (and adore) a BECO Gemini that I used with regularity with my daughter from about 3 months-12 months, but since I will not have the luxury of laying on the couch with my new baby the first however many months since I have another little ankle biter to tend to, I need to have a way to safely be hands-free from the get go. Enter the amazing line of Sakura Bloom. These ring slings are safe to use (as long as they are used properly - their website shows you tons of you tube videos to help you out) with a newbie all the way to a toddler! While I cannot imagine my toddler allowing me to strap her to me anymore, maybe this next one will be different. However, with a newborn, I love the idea of having her wrapped to me! This is a definite upgrade, as these items second as a fashion piece (and car payment.... with prices ranging from $98-$400 plus!), but I was able to snag mine at a discounted price during their annual sample sale.

- big girl bedding {beddys}
Once my second daughter is graduated from the pack n play in our room, she will be evicting my first daughter from her beloved crib. Thankfully, this will hopefully be timed with a move to a new city and a new house, and with that will come a new BIG GIRL BED that will need new big girl bedding. I was introduced to this amazing bedding concept called Beddys. It is an incredibly CUTE one piece bedding solution that will allow me to easily strip the bed and clean it (as it is just one piece) and will also allow for my daughter to easily make her own bed, keeping the facade of organization and cleanliness of her room going strong! You have to watch the videos on their web site so you can fully grasp just how this bedding works, but it is amazing - trust. And since I am saving money on not getting a second crib and different crib bedding (neutral for the win), I have little issue spending $259 on this bedding... the only problem I am having is deciding which adorable design to choose!

- swaddles {the ollie world}
This is definitely the most practical "upgrade" on my list this time around. I will never forget waking up my husband in tears at, like, 2 am because I could NOT get my daughter (only a month old at the time) swaddled properly therefore she would not go back to sleep. He was the master swaddler. I was not. I could never get her wrapped in a way that her Houdini baby butt would stay in it. When I saw the ollie swaddle I fell in love with the concept of the design. It is a velcro baby swaddle with an open bottom that allows for them to continue being snuggly swaddled even if you need to change their diaper!! That's the thing, y'all. My daughter would wake up hungry but also with a wet diaper, so BEFORE I got the ollie swaddle,  I would unswaddle her, change her diaper, nurse her, by then she usually pooped, change her diaper again and then try to reswaddle her. With the ollie swaddle, I don't have to take her out of the swaddle at all, but in the event that I do, I can slip her back in it much more easily than if I was having to wrap her in a muslin blanket myself. Also, the ollie world is regularly having sales on the swaddle, so I was able to snag mine at BOGO free - two for the price of one ($48)! That is always a steal.

I hope you love these baby item upgrade ideas as much as I love them. Have upgrade suggestions of your own? I'd love to hear them! Comment below and share your knowledge mama!


  1. I am going on to baby #2 also. I agree with all of your items and I am sadly also the owner of 3 strollers (the same 3). The question I have is about bottles. What is your opinion on bottles buy all new ones for the new baby or use the same bottles and buy all new nipples?

    1. Hi Amanda! That's a great question... can you believe that it has only been.... 19 months and I have already kinda forgotten about bottles?! I can tell you this for sure - with my first kid, I got a whole system (so one kind of bottle brand but multiple bottles and multiple nipples) and then my kid decided she didn't like that kind (or rather, her tummy didn't) so I had to switch to a totally different brand and rebought a bunch of them..... So, with this one, I am planning on nursing (and praying it works out better this time around) but when I introduce a bottle I'm not going to go all in before I know for sure it will work for her. And I will probably just buy one new nipple at the appropriate flow speed and use a bottle that we already have. Geez! Babies are so complicated ;) Great question! Hope it helps. How far apart will yours be?

    2. My kids will be 2 1/2 years apart. I'm pretty sure I could have gave baby #1 any bottle and he would have been fine as long as it had milk in it, so I didn't even think about if the bottles didn't work or gave the new baby gas. I had trouble with my first one latching so I was an exclusive pumper and I haven't decided if I'm going to try breastfeeding again or just exclusive pumping again. Thank you so much for all your help you really helped me out!

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