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How to be a Pin-Up Model - ACCESSORIES/PROPS

Photo by Suzie Bell
As promised, I am continuing my blog series on how to be a pin-up model... and tonight, I get to write about one of my FAVORITE things... ACCESSORIES AND PROPS. This, my ladies (and gents if that's what you're into), has the ability to make or break how your photos come out.

In addition to the clothing listed in the last post, accessories and props are things that you might not have lying around your house (but you might) and if not, are easily obtainable at a reasonable price (unless you are jones-ing for a really expensive vintage prop).

Before I list the aforementioned objects, let me tell you WHY accessories and props are not only necessary but would be down right detrimental if you did not have at least a little something something going on in this department:
- What are you going to do with those fabulous hands of yours? Because I guarantee once you are in front of a camera you will all-at-once forget how to do ANYTHING naturally unless you, my dear, are a pro. Holding something will take the pressure off. Ask Suzie, I had some pretty wack hand postures in my first pin-up shoot.
- black dress and a cardigan? NBD, coulda happened in the 90's or better yet, yesterday. black dress and a cardigan, but you are pretend-chatting on a rotary phone? VINTAGE GOLD BABY.
- it really gives you a wider variety of poses you can do. There are only so many countertops/walls/chairs you can lean on/sit on/lay on before you are BO-RING.
- it gives you the ability to be creative. This powerful tool, creativity, is what drives my obsession with pin-up photography. Anyone can grab some garters, squeeze into a waist cincher and make an uh-oh face. Actually, not just anyone because I wouldn't look good enough to do that. And I'm not hating, people, I am not hating! I'm just saying... props and such can really make you look unique!

Without further adieu, Drum Roll, please..... (I'm breaking this into two different sections because they are both different but alike, dammit)

A preface on accessories. This is what will automatically turn your bridesmaids dress into a vintagesque masterpiece. Blue bridesmaids dress, a little eww? Yikes. Blue bridesmaid dress with a fabulous floral cardigan paired with a blue hair flower? oooOOOOO girl go ON!!! With that said, accessories can be the "louder" piece of your clothing selections, because they are doing just that - accessorizing your outfit.

- hair flowers. not going to go into detail because there will be another post on HAIR AND MAKEUP
- hair bow
- scarf. so bridget jones a la grace kelly and fab.
- thigh highs sheers (I would leave the fishnets in your halloween box)
- garters/corsets
- cat eye glasses (sun or reg)
- pearls, be it necklace or earrings
- kerchief (is that how you spell that? i don't think i have EVER typed that word before)
- fur anything (throw, jacket, whatever - could have been listed under clothing but I forgot, ok?)
- floppy hats
- umbrellas (this could be a prop actually)
- a robe
- anything animal print/polka dot/fur/floral

When accessorizing, less is more. You don't want to look like minnie mouse just came through and took over your wardrobe.

A preface on props - try to make it as vintage as possible, the feeling of vintage is kind of lost when you are posing with a swiffer jet. just sayin'.

- rotary phones. Are you kidding me? Yes!!!! I mean, no, no I'm not kidding. I heart them.
- anything that you have a vague remembrance of at your grandma's house. like the face powder in that little cylinder looking thing with orangy flowers on it. Fab. Vintage.
- make up. make up brushes, lip stick, a compact that isn't obviously cover girl.
- perfume bottle with an atomizer.
- maybe a little booze, keep things interesting.
- antique furniture
- vintage luggage
- vintage hair dryer (not the cap kind ladies)
- antique-y hand held mirror
- a vintage style kaboodle (i don't know how else to refer to it)
- cleaning supplies (so chauvinistic, just kidding, whatever girl you make sweeping look GOOD!)
- bras and panties but not on you (maybe hanging from a clothes line or something of the like)
- cooking supplies (repeat comment on cleaning supplies, jay kay)

I could go on and on and onnnnnn, but I'm starting to put my thinking cap on, and that is your job at a pin-up model - to be creative and think of your own jazz.


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    1. Duh! Love you too!! Wish you were shooting with us on Sunday, will be an awesome time my lady!


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