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how to be a pin-up model - CLOTHING

In this series of posts, I will cover the basics of becoming a pin-up model... You must realize that in these days, the word "model" conjures up images of waif-like Victoria's Secret models or boyish, lanky ladies wearing strange clothing and a scowl on their face. This is why I LOVE pin-up models... it's about the curves, it's about being feminine, it's about confidence and it's about celebrating who you are.

An important piece of this transformation starts with CLOTHING... Now, depending on your style, you may be surprised to find some of these items already in your closet. Open your closet doors, and take inventory. Take special notice to any of the following:
- cardigans (solid colored OR print) - these can totally change a dress or outfit you already have
- polka dot anything
- animal print anything
- stripes (nautical or otherwise)
- halter tops or halter dresses
- high heels
- a-line skirts or dresses
- floral print anything
- anything with a bow
- bridesmaid dresses (yes, ladies, YES! i've already re-used one in a shoot and it was prob one of my favorite outfits)
- aprons (this could be considered an accessory or prop, but since it is technically clothing I am including it here - there will be another post on accessories and props)
- high-waisted anything

So, given what you already have, you can round out your outfits with other purchases. This is where it can and might get expensive, but after trolling the internet, I have found some good resources for you.

But first, a couple of tips:
1. If you play your cards right, you can get pin-up clothing that can also easily turn into a nice little outfit for going out, church, wedding, etc. So, with that said, unless going for a very specific look (i.e. a cherry halter dress to go with a red kitchen idea you love or say you are re-making your favorite Bettie Page photo), take your pin-up blinders OFF and make sure that whatever you get can also be used for other wonderful occasions, or else you might end up with a closet full of dresses that you really can't be seen in public in unless . It can make it easier to justify a purchase if you can truly where it more than once.
2. When buying clothing, go with simple. Simple meaning solid colors. That way, you can more easily mix and match and create new outfits along the way. Case and point: I have some high-waisted red shorts that I can pair with a ton of different tops/cardigans. If aforementioned shorts were hot pink and white polka dots, I would automatically decrease the amount of potential outfit combinations. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with hot pink polka dots, ever.
3. Shop the sale/clearance sections of the web sites I'm about to tell you about. With pin-ups, the look is vintage. Which means that out-dated is the look you are looking for. I have found some clearance item GEMS for $10. Which means I can buy more clothing. I mean, $10 is the amount I might spend on shipping, unless I get shipping for free. See? It's all about justification. :)
4. Additionally, "like" these companies on facebook. They will tell you about promotional codes and sales before the general public. And when you are justifying the purchase of a cherry halter top, it sounds a little nicer when you get it for 20% off because of a promotional code.

Web sites you need to check out, not in any particular order:
1. Pin-up Girl Clothing -
Pro: Fabulous outfits, really good quality   Con: Pretty pricey
2. Mod Cloth -
Pro: Tons of clothing, good prices    Con: Act fast! Limited sizes available, dresses sell out quick!
3. Forever XXI -
Pro: Cheap. Like, super cheap.    Con: Cheap. Like, super cheap. Also, sometimes a Large might have fit me when I was 12. Also, this would be more of a modern pin-up look.
4. Le Bomb Shop -
Pro: Good prices, tons of selection. This store is ahem.. Le Bomb.    Con: Be aware of the sizing. Some say "junior" sizing and I'm sure that means "ultra small and no room in the boobs"
5. Shabby Apple -
Pro: Super cute vintage style clothing, fair pricing.    Con: the web site, for me at least, runs at a snail's pace. Go to my cousin's blog, and click her link for shabby apple on the left hand side and get 15% off your order. Nice little perk.

Now, run, run like the wind.... and go look up these wonderful web sites! All you really need for an awesome and amazing pin-up shoot is 1 or 2 fabulous outfits, a handful of props, and a great hair/makeup artist. AND an amazing photographer... and for my favorite, check out my homegirl Suzie Bell -

Be on the lookout for more pin-up related posts... in this series, Hair/Makeup, Accessories, Props, Preparing for a Shoot....

XOXOX Bettie Boyd


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