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Pretty Pretty Pin-Ups

So, let me just say that it was a really amazing experience doing a photo shoot with Pin-Up Photographer Suzie Bell (the link is to her blog). 

It is like waking up on Christmas morning every morning because I get to see if she has posted a new picture from the shoot on Facebook. All of my friends and the fans of Suzie Q's Pin-ups have been so sweet with their comments. Suzie majorly rocked the house with making all of my ideas become reality.

Questions/Comments about the Photo Shoot in No Particular Order:

1. My hair was done by the wonderful Heather Trimble in Cedar Hill at Split Endings Salon. She also did my eye makeup. Love her and it.

2. I now want to dress up really nice, wear things in my hair, curl my hair and wear red lip stick everyday.

3. I want all of my friends to get pin-ups too. It was so fun!!!!!!!!! 

4. Talk about a confidence booster. I haven't had many self-loathing negative thoughts lately, and that really says something!

5. I already want to do a photo shoot again. There were several ideas I didn't get to do due to the freezing monsoon weather going on outside during the shoot. Rude. 

So far, here are a couple of my favorite shots:

I knew I had to do something with the American Flag. This is one of the pictures from this portion of the shoot.
Although I have been a pin-up fan since before I married Adam, now I have a slew of his gear to use in the shoot- super awesome, super fun. SEMPER FI!!!
This one has got to be one of my favorites. Max is such a ham, just like his mommy. I love that this is a genuine laugh, as Max attempted to lap up my makeup. He got red lipstick all over him during this part of the shoot. So awesome. Love love love my Mr Mr Max. 

That is all for now. Other than pin-up, I have a sweet, amazing, precious beautiful baby niece that I can't wait to get to see again. I have been fighting off a cold so I couldn't go see her this week. :(

That's it for now! XOXOXOX Bettie Boyd 


  1. Had no idea you blogged! I so have to get on top of that again. You were an absolute joy to work with and I hope that isn't the last time ;)


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