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Five Tips for Perfect Family Photos

Hooray! Hibernation is almost over, which means Spring is around the corner. Among the many things that this means is you can go outside without bundling you and your kids up in a million layers, and for some it may mean family photo time!!!

Family photos are always a stressful time for me. If it's just me in a photo shoot, that is one thing, but once we start adding family members, I get a little wigged out. I decided to pick the brains of some of my friends who just happen to also be photographers to find out what the pros think are must-knows for family photos.

1. DO scour the social medias for examples of family photos you like, and bring them with you to the shoot. Believe me, it is way easier for a photographer to see a creatively-posed picture with props and be able to recreate it, than for the photographer to listen to you try to describe it. This is much like bringing a picture of a desired hair style to your hairdresser. Not doing so can be a not fun game of operator... what you started with will not be what the end result is.

2. DON'T wear white. Now, don't get all upset if you have your heart set on a pair of fabulous white jeans; it might still work. My cousin Denise runs Flair Photos out of Groves, Texas. What she had to say about white is perfect, so why recreate the wheel? "Well, my biggest fear in the world is for a family to show up all wearing white shirts and jeans. I always tell people absolutely no white. Not only does it wash them out, but it limits our editing options because it tends to be too bright." There you go, ladies and gents. Straight from the horse's mouth.

3. DO coordinate, but don't be overly matchy. Is "matchy" a word? No? I don't care. Everyone knows what being too matchy means and, more importantly, what it looks like. The extreme of this would be two or more family members wearing pieces of the same outfit. This is just not okay, y'all. Please don't. But you can coordinate. For this, I'd like to showcase the perfect example of coordinating colors.
Photo by Flair Photos 

So, here is the perfect example of coordinating outfits using bright colors and accessories in this photo by Flair Photos. Who would have ever thought that yellow and pink would go so wonderfully together?!? And those little cherubs?!? Adorable.

4. DO accessorize. How do you make coordination work? The answer is accessories. My photographer pal Suzie Bell, who did my first pinup shoot, also rocks the house with family photos. Suzie on accessories: "Accessories are important and can add that perfect touch like a scarf, little boys hat, or knee socks for little girls." I personally love to search etsy for unique accessories to make an outfit unforgettable. This does take a little bit of planning, as you can't shop etsy the night before a photo shoot and get everything delivered to you in time. So... plan ahead. :)

5. DO plan. Look up those pose ideas on Pinterest, research amazing locations (just steer clear of railroad tracks - too cliche), and definitely plan outfits. Photo shoots are not something that you can usually wing, and it turn out okay. On the day of the shoot, you want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed, which to me means one thing: PLAN IT ALL OUT, SISTA. If you are reading this blog, then you are on the right track with the planning.


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