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Dear Disgruntled Mama....

Dear disgruntled mama....

Dear disgruntled mama, who cusses (sometimes not very quietly either) in response to her 5:30am alarm clock who WILL NOT SNOOZE, both literally and figuratively.

Dear disgruntled mama, who has set her personal aspirations and cleanliness aside for the last however many years while she cares for littles ones and makes their dreams hers.

Dear disgruntled mama, who has yelled more in the last year than she ever thought she would in a lifetime.

Dear disgruntled mama, who puts her frustrations inwards because there is no more room for it on the outside.

Dear disgruntled mama, who wants to murder the next person who asks her "how do you do it all?" because like you have a choice.

Dear disgruntled mama, who wonders when and if there will ever be a day again where she can sit down on the couch and truly be "done" for the day.

Dear disgruntled mama, who longs for some time away but knows that even that time away would never be the same with the little hearts at home waiting for you to return.

Dear disgruntled mama, who is struggling between creating a loving atmosphere at home and making ends meet financially with your choice to stay at home.

Dear disgruntled mama, who wants to SHAKE her former self silly for not fully appreciating the weekends spent sleeping in, carefree vacations and showers that last over 3 minutes.

Dear disgruntled mama, who would love more than anything in the world to be acknowledged for the thankless job she has.

Dear disgruntled mama, who listens to whining or crying all day over the sounds of Fisher-Price toys or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse whilst changing diapers and sitting on the floor of a bathroom bribing a small human into pottying with M&Ms.

Dear disgruntled mama, who is so spent by 7 pm, that all the things she had planned for herself go on the ever-growing "To-Do" list for the next day.

Dear disgruntled mama, who can distinguish a pain cry from a hunger cry and smell a dirty diaper from across the house.

Dear disgruntled mama, who understands that the punishment for doing work from home or going to the bathroom by yourself is almost always a child accompanied by tears.

Dear disgruntled mama, who heard but did not listen to when people said that being a parent was the hardest but most rewarding job in the world.

Dear disgruntled mama, who heard but did not listen that this is a season, and that one day she will miss this chaos she is surrounded in.

Dear disgruntled mama, who is so lonely and so disappointed and so good at fooling the world around her that she has it all together.

Dear disgruntled mama, who spends her morning taking a shower with an audience and putting on her makeup with a crying baby or toddler demanding her attention and/or lipstick.

Dear disgruntled mama, who knows that the only thing that is worse than a crying baby is prolonged silence from a toddler.

Dear disgruntled mama..... these times will pass. You will be victorious, and when these times have passed, you will miss them. In all honesty, I don't know that last part from experience, as I am a disgruntled mama standing (or rocking in the fetal position) right next to you, waiting for bed time so you can prepare for another day. But that is what I have heard, and it's what I'm counting on being true.

Dear disgruntled mama, I know that there is NO WORSE FEELING IN THE WORLD than feeling invisible and/or unappreciated. But unfortunately, our co-workers in life are not specialized in compassion and appreciation, as they cannot even wipe their own butts or feed themselves yet.

Dear disgruntled mama, I know you want an award for the crap you have to deal with on a daily basis and the fact that your job is never done. But the truth is, you will never get one, so if you are expecting one, you will be sorely disappointed.

Dear disgruntled mama, instead turn your unrequited appreciation outwards. Find time to appreciate your little heathen and laugh at their tantrums (albeit behinds closed doors as to not continue the issue). Find time to close yourself in the bathroom and eat that candy bar. Find the time to figure out one thing you can do for yourself each day, no matter how big or small. Find the time to look at all the things your significant other does, because I'm sure he's feeling pretty unappreciated too.

Dear disgruntled mama, these times will pass. But until then, don't be so hard on yourself.


  1. I am the girl who wonders when and if there will ever be a day again where she can sit down on the couch and truly be "done" for the day. This occurred to me as I was doing dishes and laundry after 11 PM, anxiously counting down the hours until my 5:30 AM alarm. I was feeling massively guilty for not finding time to work out- one thing for me- all day. Must. Find. Time. But how does one balance working full time and being a mom of an infant full time? Can it be done?

    1. And a marine wife? a RECRUITING marine wife?!? don't forget about that. Girl... ask me why I haven't worked out in 2.5 years?!?! But I got a gym membership this weekend and they have a kids gym. I'm on a mission. I love seeing your sweet family on FB Ashley <3 she's beautiful!

  2. Yes, there will come a time, not too terribly far into the future, when you won't be so frantically busy and consumed with the care of micro-bears. You will get your "free time" back. I promise!

    1. ok mam, i'll hold you to that! <3 Adam and I were talking about how we wanted to go on vacation and just lay around and do nothing. That sounds like heaven. ha!

  3. This is perfect. I felt exactly the same way and all of a sudden they are 14 and 16 and I would sell my soul to hit the rewind button and do it again. Hang in there, you're doing it right.

  4. I love this I have a almost 3 year old (not potty trained but we're trying and still has a pacifier at night) and a 6 month old who is not consisting sleeping through the night. It can be maddening! I am working full time. I do find time to work out at 5 in the morning when they are still asleep. It's just 20 min but I always feel better when I do it. When I get home for the day I feel like I don't stop moving until I crawl into my bed at 10:30pm with my house still a mess because I know I will not be able to function if I do not go to bed. I'm just glad I'm not the only one feeling this way.

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