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What's In A Name? The Story Behind Boyd Meets Girl.

It's time that I share the stories behind the name of my beloved blog. I went back and forth about whether or not I should change the name of this blog since over time it has morphed into something different than it's original purpose. But I decided not to, and once I explain it to you, you will see how this "phrase" is perfect for our unique and special family. And my family members are who motivate me to write 90% of the material on this blog. So, there ya go.

It all began with a Boyd (my then future husband) meeting a Girl (me).

This was literally (I know, I hate that word too) the first time we met. McKinney Avenue Tavern in Dallas, Texas, on December 5, 2010. Big 12 Championship Game vs Nebraska. Memoriesssssssss.

My Boyd came with a mini-Boyd (my future stepson) whom I also eventually met once he decided I wasn't a crazy psychopath. (JOKE'S ON HIM! Just kidding..)

Sweet Little Sammy - who has 4 when I first met him. This is our first picture together (that I could find).

Then Boyd (le hubs) met Girl (le me) in front of God and everyone else in the form of a marriage ceremony, which is why this web site was originally created. I got super creative one night and came up with this name so we wouldn't have a long, ugly, generic website address on the invitation.

This was at 4 AM the morning after our wedding, as we headed to the airport for our honeymoon in Hawaii. So, our first picture together (non-professional) as the BOYDS.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, and the Boyds met another Girl (our first daughter Beulah).

photo by Lori K Sapio Photography --- Poor Little Boo wasn't at all happy about her first family photo shoot!

Now a year and a half from that point, come to a screeching halt to the present where the Boyds are getting ready to meet another Girl (our second daughter to be due sometime soon... hopefully... right??).

photo by Lori K Sapio Photography. Boy Boyds not pictured but also anxiously awaiting Girl #2!

So, you see that there is a theme in our crazy, little life with Boyds meeting Girls. Hope you enjoyed my long-winded analogy.


  1. Your story is very similar to ours :) Met in 2010, Chad has a mini-Chad... cute!

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