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5 Unconventional Gifts for the New Mom

Do you know a new mom (doesn't have to be a new first-time mom) who has everything already? Or maybe she is just super special and doesn't need a generic gift? This post is for you.

I've officially entered the phase of pregnancy where I am carefully balancing wanting my unborn cherub to cook as long as possible for her health and thinking every cramp or stomachache are signs of early labor. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Be enlightened on the Psycho Stages of Pregnancy). I basically have one foot out the door to head to the hospital. I'm just ready, ok? Except I've been too lazy to pack my hospital bag yet. No judgement please!

Anyway, with the pending birth of my second child, I'm daydreaming of all of the things (other than a live-in nanny housekeeper chef) that I want after I am done with pregnancy. Enter the list of 5 unconventional gifts for the new mom. Just because you already have kids, you are still entitled to the items on this list. After all, anyone who has spent the last 9 months being pregnant (I think) deserves the highest award possible in the entire world.  Because pregnancy is hard. The end.

Without further adieu, THE LIST. (Disclaimer: some of the links provided below are affiliate links.)

1. UNDIES. Brand new undies. Yep. Brand-spankin-new undies. They don't have to be crazy fancy or sexy, because.... well, that's not what it's about. It's about throwing out all of your old stretched out undies for cute and colorful undies. Starting afresh, if you will, and not with those ugly granny maternity panties you probably also own. You can get 5 for $20 at Target I'm pretty sure any time. Or stalk Victoria's Secret's web site for their semi-annual sale (i.e. Heaven on Earth). I found this 6-pack of lace undies on Amazon for a pretty penny - perfect for if your new mom friend is outside of your visiting area. It might sound oogy and weird, but who doesn't love undies? I'd be a super happy camper about getting some myself.

2. KITCHENWARE. Functional kitchen items. Our lives most likely already rotate around having coffee first thing in the morning and an easy to make dinner. And unfortunately these little people and husbands also require to eat 3 times a day. Items like a fun new Keurig, a crock pot, or even a brand new set of Tupperware is quite enough for my heart to go pit-pat in a major way. If your new mom friend already has her favorite kitchenware, go with accessories - like a variety pack of k-cups or some delicious specialty coffee.

3. FOOD. Take care of lunch or dinner or even without actually visiting (unless you plan on taking a child home with you.... seriously). One of the coolest things I got from my bestie across the United States when I gave birth to my first daughter was she ordered a pizza for us for lunch one day. She was able to order it from her house in Texas and got it delivered to my house in Illinois. She told me about it that morning, and I was so relieved to not have to worry about lunch that day, or going to pick anything up, etc.  I have also done this for other families who have just brought home a new baby, and it is such an easy and GOOD gift to give.

4. BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Pampering products to use at home. While massages and mani/pedis are high on the list of wants for any woman much less a new mom, with a new baby at home and possibly other children as well, it isn't always feasible to leave the house for something like this OR ever be able to schedule an appointment for something like this ahead of time. Get some thick body lotion, a fun new bottle of nail polish, and a yummy smelling soap (for the trillion times she will be washing her hands because of the new baby). I'm personally a HUGE fan of the line of beauty products you can buy online from Perfectly Posh. It's all natural and doesn't have crap in it, but the best part about it is that every single thing smells and feels AMAZING. Not sure what your mama friend would want specifically? There are product sets like this one from Juice Beauty Organics, or do what I do.... just get them exactly what you would want yourself!

5. BOOZE. Listen. Most of us preggo ladies haven't drank any alcohol in upwards of 9 months; hook us up!!! How fun would a margarita basket be (to give or receive)? Or a couple of bottles of wine? Or -who am I kidding- a bottle of Boone's Farm? I have seriously missed having a cocktail at brunch or sipping on wine whilst cooking dinner.

Have a killer gift idea? Or for all the new mamas, did I leave something off that is a wonderful idea? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Boone's Farm?? That brought back some major memories that I would very much like to forget... lol! I love this list!

    1. STRAWBERRY FIELDS HAYYYYYYY. I mean... I never drank that stuff. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Why oh why are you syh? You know new undies are fun!

  3. One thing I do that's related to your food idea (I live in a small town where there is no pizza delivery) is make a casserole that they can bake whenever they want. People did this for me when I was pregnant with my first baby it was so nice and my husband was more excited about than I was.

    1. Sounds delicious!! What kind of casseroles?

    2. This last time I did tator tot casserole because she already had 2 boys and I know how much kids like tator tot casserole. I have also done chicken enchiladas and lasagna. Anything that you can assemble and throw in the freezer. We had someone make us stuffed shells and bring cookies and banana bread. Baked goods are good too because some a snack you can grab while feeding or during a nap are always good!

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