Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Beauty Products to Combat Dry Winter Weather

I don't think it comes to a surprise to anyone who knows me that I am not a fan of living in Chicago, particularly in the 6 months out of each year in which I lovingly call it "Chiberia." At first, the snow is pretty but then it turns into dirty snow, you track salt in everywhere you go, your floors are a mess, you instantly gain about 10 lbs of bulky coat weight, you don't even get to miss work most of the time.... not to mention the havoc that the brutal winds and heated air brings to your body.

Several weeks ago I traveled to go visit my parents in Santa Fe. With the additional factors of mountain air and the airplane, my skin and hair was so dry. Then put on top of that stretching pregnancy skin.... oh my. I was like a dry, crusty mess. An intervention was needed.

Here are some of my favorite products to help combat the dryness that comes with winter weather! Shout out to my mom for sharing some of her tried and true products with me during my stay (that are now totally a part of my daily regimen). Some links are affiliate links.

1. Bio-Oil - I'm HUGE fan of this stuff, not only for dry skin, but also for scar and stretching pregnancy skin. It's not greasy, nor does it really have a particular smell to it, but what I love about it is that it is a light oil that you can put anywhere on your body without things getting too oily. I rub it all over my pregnant buddha belly 2 times a day at least.
2. Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Lip - This stuff is... nothing short of amazing and addicting. It has majorly put a dent in my crusty chapped lip issue after just a week of religious 2x a day usage. When you put it on your lips and the skin surrounding your lips, it tingles for a little bit (kinda like the plumping lip glosses out there) and I love it. I follow it up with this pink bombshell lip balm to really help smooth out my chapped lips.
3. Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo - I am obsessed with every product I have encountered from this brand Shea Moisture. I also love the baby line for my daughter if you have a kid and are looking for an all-natural, yummy smelling head-to-toe wash or lotion for your babe... (additional side note: they have a special line for eczema, too!) BUT back to this particular shampoo and conditioner! If you have dry and damaged hair from the winter or just from over processing (guilty as charged), I highly recommend this line. You can also get the conditioner , as well as a deep masque treatment and argan oil if you have seriously dry hair. THANKS WINTER.
4. Perfectly Posh Cuticle Butter - If you haven't heard of Perfectly Posh, I do really love this brand. It is all-natural, doesn't have harsh chemicals, and all around lovely. I love using Cuticle Cutie on my cuticles each night before I go to bed, as my poor dry little cuticles hate the winter as well.
5. Aquaphor - I have come to the decision that there is little in life that cannot be fixed by a good dousing in Aquaphor. Seriously! I put aquaphor on dry spots on my arms, legs and face every morning, and most definitely after a shower to really lock in the moisture.

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  1. :-D So glad you are enjoying and benefitting from the lip products~I sure like them as well.