Thursday, November 6, 2014

Concerned About Your Kiddo's Speech Development - What You Should (And Shouldn't) Do About It

Exciting news, y'all!! I've been asked to contribute to CupcakeMag on my totally "expert opinion" of children, being a mom, and speech therapy things. Of course, I am honored and completely stoked to have this opportunity, because as you may well know, I do like to write about these things! (I'm joking about being an expert - half the time I wonder if I truly know what the heck I'm doing regarding parenting and children at least!) Click here to read my FIRST blog post about this over at CupcakeMag. 

Today marks my first post, about what to do if you are concerned about your child's speech development. Time and time again I have had family members, friends, colleagues, and strangers ask me my opinion on if they should be worried about their kiddo's speech. So, naturally, I wrote a blog post about what to do (and what to refrain from doing) if you are the slightest bit concerned about how your little cherub is progressing in the area of speech!

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