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4 Reasons to Make the Investment, Join the Cool Crowd, and Buy Freshly Picked Moccs {A Freshly Picked Moccs Review}

I, like many other fashion-forward mamas out there, covet the often-imitated-but-never-duplicated moccasins made by Freshly Picked. They just released a neon line, and their metallics literally make me hurt with desire to buy every.single.last.pair. But... I worried. These are expensive little shoes, for a little diva-in-the-making with quickly growing feet who, among other things, despises long sleeve shirts and any type of footwear.

After much turmoil over which size to get using this handy little chart, I decided to make the dive and commit to a size 3 perfect gold metallic moccasin. Whilst Boo ripped off every pair of shoes borrowed from my niece and became more mobile with her attempts to walk, I anxiously awaited the box to arrive from Freshly Picked, perfectly packaged in a canvas bag with an added touch of button flair. My inner fashionista flapped with delight when the package came.

low and behold, the packaging.
A little note about the sizing chart - you totally need to print that bad boy out and put your kid's foot up to it. The worst thing ever in life would be for you to guesstimate and end up only being able to use these moccs for a short amount of time. Boo was measuring between a 2 and a 3, so I ordered a 3. They are a little big, but as you are about to see, homegirl gets around just fine in them.

A little about Boo, other than the fact that she really doesn't like shoes on her feet... She is in a very transitional phase. She is first and foremost a crawler, but she is standing and taking steps (up to 7 at a time; yes I counted).

As a speech therapist damned (I mean blessed) with more knowledge than I would necessarily like on development, I worried about how wearing shoes might affect her learning to walk. Some people think that babies do best with shoes that have a certain amount of support to encourage first steps. I am of the tribe of those who feel that the best thing for a little baby foot and walking is bare feet and the floor. But where does this leave me with the love affair with the FP moccs??? Upon thorough inspection, I was happy to see that the soles of the Freshly Picked moccasin are extremely pliable, thus really having little to no affect on the way a baby foot maneuvers and interprets the ground. So I can take my physical therapist hat off now.

Before sharing with you faithful readers ADORABLE pictures of Beulah wearing her Freshly Picked moccasins, I would like to share with you 4 reasons to take the plunge and invest in these shoes for your babe.

1) RESALE VALUE. Guys, these shoes are HOT. There is literally a whole world of mamas out there on Instagram closets buying and selling these bad boys used for at least 1/2 of what you buy them for brand new.  So, you buy these with confidence knowing that you can sell them if you want to. (I'll probably be making a blog post soon about Instashops/Instaclosets, in the event that you have no idea what I am talking about.)

2) (Previously mentioned) FLEXIBILITY. These shoes are super flexible, meaning that they really don't create a false surface for a new walker. An added bonus is because they ARE flexible, I am able to put them in the side pocket of my purse, no problem. Flexibility also = less bulk. Nice for keeping extra pair of shoes in a diaper bag, or like I already stated, a purse.

3) THEY STAY ON LITTLE FEET. This is hard to describe unless you are holding a moccasin in your hands, but the heel is bound by hidden elastic, giving it movement to pull the heel back to slide onto a moving target (baby foot) and then tighten back into the heel so they actually stay on the kiddo's foot. NOTHING is more frustrating than losing a shoe or putting shoes on a million times because they have fallen off.

4) GENDER NEUTRAL. Unless you are getting pink or purple, this footwear is extremely gender neutral. If you are like me and hanging on to everything baby #1 has for whenever you have baby #2, you know how important gender neutral items are. It guarantees you will be able to use them again!

Obviously, Boo could care less about reasons #1 and #4, but I do believe that the flexibility and the fact that they stay on her feet are two reasons why she actually likes and wears these shoes!!!!!! (Inner fashionista REJOICE!) So, onto the pictures:

Flexible soles!!!

Texas Glitter onesie by Lone Star Ginger Boutique

Texas Glitter onesie by Lone Star Ginger Boutique


  1. That's so cute. Maybe I should get some for Kimberly but for her it would b just for show bc as u know she needs form shoes!


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