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24 Day Cleanse - How I Survived Days 1-7

Without getting all specific, I'm going to talk about a 24 day cleanse that I'm doing: what I am eating, and howI am feeling throughout the whole thing. Before the cleanse, I got familiar with all the accoutrements (powders, pills, diet plan, etc) and went to the store. I got everything I needed to prep my meals for the first 5 days and spent a couple of hours on Sunday making and storing breakfasts and lunches.

For the first work week, this is what my fridge looked like.

I need to work on my meals looking more appetizing, so I'm not even going to show you a picture of the actual food - very amorphous and bland looking. Some people might need or want different stuff daily, but I am a creature of habit. So I'm plenty fine eating the same thing every morning, as long as it's half way good. As the day progresses though it's harder to eat the same thing. I made my lunches a little different each day so I wouldn't get bored with that, and dinner each night was completely different than the night before.

Prepped Food for the Work Week 

Days 1-5 breakfast: oatmeal with apple slices and scrambled eggs (1/3 the yolks only) with cayenne and red pepper added for a little kick. Pretty bland.
Days 1-5 lunch: I mix and matched the following: ham deli meat (I know it's high in sodium, but it needed to be eaten, and I'm not about wasting food), boiled eggs, spinach, sweet peppers, quinoa, baby carrots. So one day I might have quinoa, spinach and chopped deli meat, another day I might have quinoa, sweet peppers and chopped boiled eggs, etc. This was actually much tastier than it sounds, y'all.
Days 1-5 snacks: baby carrots and boiled eggs.

How I'm Feeling About Life

Day 1 - This really isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be; I was full all day. I'm motivated by the fact that I don't want to waste the dollar bills I just dropped on this program! My meals weren't bad and I haven't cheated. YAY.

Day 2 - All I want is chocolate. Dinner was amazing; we had lettuce wraps with grilled chicken and pico de gallo that I overloaded with lime. I love lime. But I also want chocolate, and I'm super glad that there isn't any in the house, or I would be cheating right now. I have had such a sweet tooth since I was pregnant with Boo.

Day 3 - Ate peanut butter, just a little bit. Today, a co-worker who doesn't see me often told me I looked like I have lost weight. I haven't really, but it was a psychological boost. I also got this neat thing for my car that you plug into the 12 volt thing and it heats up your food - quick, too. HAYYY. Mama's eating good!

Day 4 - Went to Outback for dinner, I ate good and within the guidelines except for I didn't realize the steamed green beans came with butter all over them. Oh well, ate it anyway! I have peed a trillion times today, it feels like. SO. much. water.

Day 5 - Hooray! I made it this far. It really has not been difficult. I do hate baby carrots now though. I'm a little nervous about the weekend and being able to stay on track. I will prevail! Also, a family I work with who I hadn't seen in 2 weeks complimented me on my appearance. I know it is too soon to see any real results with weight loss, so I am attributing this compliment to the positive attitude I have especially since starting the cleanse. I also whitened my teeth last night and am smiling a lot. :) no judgement.

Day 6 - I'm a complete grump today. I attribute this to not having planned out meals and having more "free time" (if that even exists with a young child around) to think about all the things I couldn't eat and wanted to eat (... or drink. Like wine. or Beer. or BOTH). I ended up sticking to the plan, and for an early dinner we went to Joe's Crab Shack. YES I ATE THE POTATOES OK? It was the only "bad" thing I did all day; I didn't even eat anything sweet at night. Fist. Pump.

Day 7 - We went to the store and got everything I needed to prep for next week's breakfasts and lunches. I am way more excited about what I am eating this week. But I'll write more about that next week. I'm down several pounds and am overall feeling great! I'm trying not to put too much weight (ha pun intended) on the scale, because I am running (read: exaggerated walking) 3x a week. Baby steps, y'all. I'm now a water-drinking champ. 90 oz? NO PROBLEM. Why not more? I know there is such a thing as "too much" water, but I am probably drinking about 120 oz a day. I pee 80 trillion times a day.

Stay tuned next Sunday for how I'm doing on Days 8-14!


  1. This sounds similar to a Game On "diet" I did. It's a competition/game from the head writer of Grey's. Check out the book. Judging from the voice in your writing, you will enjoy it as much as I did! I also did a blog. Good luck!!


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