Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I Love Erin Condren Daily Planners

I am an incredibly Type A, who loves to-do lists, calendars, stickers, highlighters, pretty pens, sticky notes, school supplies, notepads, binders.... my heart is fluttering to the thought of ALL of it!

A couple of years back, one of my dear friends Amy (who shares my love of all things organization) gave me an Erin Condren life planner. Not only was it personalized with my name and a picture of my then-boyfriend/now-husband and myself on the front, but it was jam packed with things to help me organize my day-to-day life.

Among the things I like about it, other than the amazing colors and themes offered, is there are several add-ons that really sing to women who led busy ass lives (for lack of better words). You can get stickers for appointments; you can add picture stickers of friends; you can add a notepad that sticks to the front or the back for your daily to-do list. You can even add those pretty colored pens that look so pretty when you write with them.

Anyway, I finally got on the ball and ordered my 2014 one.... (In March, shh! Blame Beulah.) AND I found a code on RetailMeNot that gives you 40% off if you also get a gift label pack (Hello looking ahead to Christmas time!!!), so I ended up getting the labels AND the shipping FO' FREE Y'ALL.

They also gave me a link to share on my blog, and well, since I LOVE to blog and share any and all deals with y'all, click here to get your own life planner. Just make sure you also add the gift labels and enter the code COMBO2014 to get the 40% off! That is awesome stuff for free people!

(Disclaimer: if you did happen to buy an amazing planner or any of her other amazing products from the above "click here" link, I could get $10 off my next order. However, if I do have enough people order from the link, I'll use the $$ to do an Erin Condren giveaway for my faithful blog readers! win/win)


  1. Saw your Facebook post and thought, "I have got to get me one of those!" I'm such a sucker for anything type A. The I stumbled upon your blog! I'd love to follow you!

    1. Yay I see that you started following me on Pinterest! If you are type A .... the erin condren planner is SO the way to go! Seriously! You will never look back!