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Mommy Time Management

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Let's be real, y'all. I'm one missed nap time away from a mental breakdown. I guess that it just comes with the territory of being a new mom. Which, in the big scheme of things, I'm still very new - 7 months new, at this whole "mom" thing. 

It seems as though, overnight, laundry has tripled and the hours in the day have reduced by at least half. It continues to boggle my mind as to how such a wee little person can create so much extra work!

So - here are a couple of things I have observed/learned about time management as a mom.

1. The days of leisurely nap time and/or reading a magazine are OVER. Like, way over, like "what's that?" over.

2. Your husband or child asking you if something is done that is, in fact, yet to be accomplished is perfectly deserving of a death stare.

3. The amount of things that you can get done in a 2-hour nap (of your child) is deserving of an Olympic gold medal.

4. People who say that being a mom OR, even more so, a stay-at-home mom is an "easy job" deserve a round kick to the face.

5. While it may be helpful to write a to-do list of things you must get done, it might be 9pm until you actually get to that list, because you've spent every second previous to that point in time washing bottles, playing with baby, holding baby, feeding baby, laundry (shudder), folding laundry, putting away laundry, crying amongst piles of laundry, and maybe if you are lucky, taking a shower.

I could continue but it starts to be less about time management and more about just life as a mommy.


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