Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lung Leavin' Day 2014 - What's YOUR fear?

One of the things that I love about blogging is the opportunity to interact with my friends and fellow bloggers. Because of my blog, a fellow blogger Heather Von St. James reached out to me with a special request -- to spread the word about a day very special to her, a day that forever changed her life. After reading her story, it resonated with me. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma when she was around my age, having just given birth to a sweet baby girl.

One important thing cancer taught Heather is the importance of acknowledging these apprehensions that prevent us from living life to the fullest extent. 

8 years ago on February 2, Heather underwent a risky surgery to remove a lung... and it worked! She now celebrates her "Lung Leavin' Day" with her family, when each year they get together and write their fears onto plates and smash them into a bonfire.

I love Heather's approach to life and about verbalizing her fears and literally smashing them into a billion pieces. And burning them up. Take that, fear. *fist pump*

Want to participate virtually in some good-ole fashioned plate smashing of your own? Go to her virtual Lung Leavin' Day page, type your fears on a plate and smash it to oblivion. I participated.

Want to read more about Heather and her experience with mesothelioma?

-Interview about Lung Leavin' Day with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance:

-The surgery she underwent to remove her lung:

-General mesothelioma information:

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