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Caldo de Pollo - Paleo Style

Caldo de Pollo is a delicious dish that is absolutely perfect for a cold, wintery day like today has been in Chicago. It is a basic chicken soup, but let me tell y'all - it is far from basic-tasting!!

Other than a considerable amount of prep work because of cutting up all the vegetables, this is a relatively easy one pot recipe (which translates to a quick clean up - extra points given there!).

Traditional caldo de pollo is served with rice, but my version is completely paleo. Let me tell you that I honestly didn't miss a grain of rice one bit.

Without further adieu, I present the yummy recipe for paleo-style caldo de pollo!

Ingredients for soup:
- about 2 lbs worth of chicken (I used organic skinless, boneless breast tender strips)
- 3 liters of water
- 7 chicken bouillon cubes (opt for low-sodium for healthier option)
- 3 zucchinis
- 1/2 white onion
- 1 bunch of celery
- 4-5 carrots
- a package of sliced mushrooms
- 1 floret of broccoli
- 2-3 garlic cloves whole
- salt and pepper to taste

(you can also add potato and/or corn, but I left these out, as it is not as paleo-friendly) :)

- 1-2 limes
- 1 jalapeno thinly sliced
- 1 ripe avocado sliced
- 1/3 tomato diced

1. Get all your cleaned veggies and largely dice them. Put them in a LARGE pot.

2. In a separate pot, boil 2 liters of water and dissolve the chicken bouillon cubes until fully dissolved.

3. Pour the 2 liters into your big veggie pot and add one more liter of plain ole water to the big pot.

4. Add your chicken to the pot, stir it all up, and turn the stove on medium heat. Get the soup to a rolling boil for 10-15 minutes to fully cook the chicken.

5. Remove chicken and shred. Return chicken to the pot. Be careful not to burn yourself! That chicken is hot. :)

6. Reduce to low heat, and let it continue to cook for up to several hours until serving.

7. Serve with jalapenos, avocado and tomato. Squeeze fresh lime over bowl right before serving.



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