Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Swag: Hunting Inspired Outfit

Although we are temporarily relocated to arctic tundra of Chicago, we are from Texas - loud and proud! What's cuter than a baby in pink hunting camo? (Hint: answer is nothing.)

I put together this little girl hunting outfit, centering my outfit decisions for Boo around this RealTree Pink baby camo hoodie that Boo's grandaddy and bamom got her for Christmas.

I paired the jacket with Carter's pink leggings , a staple in Boo's wardrobe. We have a ton of leggings in a variety of colors. I prefer leggings to loose pants because it's cold here and I think these leggings keep her more warm.

I rounded out the outfit with these super cute Baby UGGS Bixbee (affiliate link), that I purchased with my mom at a store in Santa Fe -- they are so super soft and cuddly.

Boo has crazy long hair that falls in her face, so baby hair clips are a necessity with every outfit. I found these baby flower hair clips (affiliate link) that are a variation on the ribbon bow we see so often.

I love this girly/outdoor combo for a baby girl! She makes sitting up in a deer stand look good! Too bad she would freeze her little hiney off if her daddy were to take her hunting up here anytime soon. We'll leave the daddy/daughter hunting trips for when we move back to Texas!


  1. Umm HI YOU'RE DAUGHTER IS ADORABLE. I love her hair! Jett is so super jealous he doesn't have any hair. He looks like his namesake - poor fella.

    1. Well thank you but Boo is super jealous of Jett's mocs and eternity scarf.... so there :)