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The Power of Positivity - 10 Ways to Be Positive

Have you ever had a horrible, horrible day that just keeps on getting worse? On the flip side, have you ever had a great day where everything just falls into place? I am a firm believer that it happens like this because of your attitude towards things.

1. Smile! Say hi to people. Depending on your geographic location, people will either happily say hello back, or look at you like you are crazy. In most situations, you will never get cussed out or otherwise for smiling at someone. I love saying Hi to people. I say Hi to everyone! Even if they don't say hi back, it makes me feel good.

2. Compliment others (including yourself). This would be the opposite of talking crap about people. But it feels good, y'all! Tell the lady next to you in line at Subway that you love her necklace. Compliment a co-worker on her work ethic. Not only will people appreciate you, but it will make you feel good to make others feel good. Positivity is as contagious as the negativity is! This also goes for yourself. Beating yourself up isn't going to help your mood. Find something to love about yourself each day, and think about it!

3. Lose the Negative people in life, both in real life and on Facebook. Now y'all I'm not suggesting you kick your best friend to the curb. Afterall, friends are there to help each other, and we can't always be positive. But miserable people love company. We all know these people. Nancy is miserable in her relationship, so she is going to sabotage all of her friend's relationships. Susan is a drama queen, so she causes drama in her friend's lives. These people gots to go. Additionally, the negativity/drama on Facebook. People, this is so silly that we subject ourselves to 600 people's drama! Widdle that list down to the people who you truly care about and aren't drama queens. I promise you feel better if you aren't listening to so-and-so's cryptic messages about some asshole guy.

4. Worry less. This is a BIG one that I am really quite a hypocrite for suggesting, as I am the biggest worrier ever. However, I am working on it. Worrying about things really don't do much to help a situation. In fact, in many situations, it will hinder it. In most instances in life, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. So worrying about it will just make the experience worse. If I find myself really obsessing over something, which RARELY happens (sarcasm), I try to take a step back and realize how much easier my day would have been had I not been completely stressing over all these what ifs and scenarios.

5. Stop trying to please everyone. Another hypocritical statement of mine, as I am the ultimate people pleaser. However, guess what? You can't make EVERYONE happy! If you try to please everyone, someone will end up unpleased. Take care of NUMERO UNO (yourself) and your family. Everything else is just not as important. Sorry guys. I'm not saying to hang from the flag pole flipping everyone off, but just don't make your decisions with everyone else in mind. Because then you will be worried about their reactions or thoughts on things. And it won't always be positive.

6. Verbalize stressful situations, and move on. You can say, wow, I am very bothered by "XYZ," but I'm not going to lose it. Instead, I am going to acknowledge that this blows big time, then smile at strangers and stop worrying about it. (see how I just did that? ;) )

7. Unplug! How many times have you gotten irritated by an email, phone call, text, or facebook post? Simple solution. UNPLUG. You aren't ever (well almost ever) going to slam down a book or end a workout and think to yourself, I am feeling so negative from that experience. So, put your phone/computer/TV away and find something else to do.

8. Be a do-gooder. This could be giving a charitable donation to a friend's cause, or letting the person behind you in line at the grocery store (with one item to buy) go in front of you. Help a friend by watching her kid. Bring a small gift to a friend who just got engaged. When you do thoughtful things for the people around you, whether you know them or they are complete strangers, you are emanating positive feelings. This is good stuff.

9. Make time for yourself. A less-stressed version of you is much likely to not flip out on someone than a stress-ball version of you. So, take a bath, drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, write, work out, etc - whatever you have designated as an activity you can do for yourself. You will be a better friend, employee, mommy, wife, PERSON for it.

10. Be thankful.  Just because it's not November doesn't mean you can't be cognizant of what you have in life. Be humble, and acknowledge that you have it better than many people out there in life. Do some volunteering if you need a little perspective.


  1. Love your suggestions! I'm giving up complaining for Lent. I try not to, but I figure it's something that will help others around me as much as myself (and it doesn't have a selfish ulterior motive either)! Your blog really gave me some great suggestions! So happy I stumbled upon it :)

    1. YAY! I'm so glad that you did too!!! Giving up complaining for Lent = great idea!!


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